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Tilth Conference: Versatile Livestock Operations Workshops

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Workshops: Climate & Resiliency • Education & Policy • Finance & Marketing 
Versatile Livestock Operations • Organic Production • Tree Fruit Management

Sustainable Rabbit Production for Beginners

  • Presenter: Sherry Bodkins, Broken B Farm
  • Domestic rabbits are good-natured, easy going and practical farm animals for small spaces, including even the smallest of urban lots. Raising rabbits can provide a sustainable meat source for household or market, as well as furs and other byproducts. If you’ve been interested in raising meat rabbits but haven't hopped in yet, this workshop is your chance to hear about all about the process. From getting started on your farm to herd management and breeding, this workshop will discuss the WSDA process for getting licensed, processing procedure, product presentation and marketing.

Going Whole Hog: A Beginner's Guide to Raising Happy Hogs

  • Presenter: Janya Veranth, Redfeather Farm LLC
  • Raising hogs can seem intimidating! Janya Veranth of Redfeather Farm will share how she stayed in the business while setting herself apart from the pack. This workshop will cover how to choose breeds best suited for your farm, shelter options, land management, feed, water systems and the cost of raising pigs. Logistics of birthing, medical care and preparing for humane slaughter will also be discussed. 

The Art of Raising & Marketing Livestock in the Kittitas Valley

  • Presenters: 
    • Matthew Cox and Christina Miller, Green Bow Farm 
    • Tipton Hudson, WSU CAHNRS
  • Matthew Cox & Christina Miller of Green Bow Farm will share their experience with raising and direct marketing a diverse array of livestock on their pasture-based family farm. They will discuss rotation of beef, lamb, pigs and poultry on pastures enriched with no-till forage crops and effective use of social media and direct marketing strategies. Tip Hudson, WSU Extension range land specialist, will talk about forage and grazing management strategies to maintain effective nutrient cycles and maximize yield on irrigated and dryland farms.

Dryland Pasture Grazing

  • Presenter: Tipton Hudson, WSU CAHNRS
  • Washington's livestock farmers experience a wider variety of pasture conditions than nearly anywhere else in the world. The state boasts shrub-steppe and savanna ecosystems at 5 inches of annual precipitation in the Columbia Basin as well as one of the only temperate rainforests in the world. While there are few cows in those rainforests, there are many livestock-growing regions with lots of precipitation and irrigated pastures that can be tremendously productive. Different rainfall zones and forage types demand significantly different grazing strategies. This workshop will define sustainable grazing patterns across this spectrum.

Poultry Processing: Growing your Operation

  • Presenter: Melissa Barker, WSDA Organic Program
  • This workshop will discuss the basics of setting up poultry processing at your farm, as well as understanding how to scale up the farm operation. Discussion will focus on safe and humane process for slaughter, poultry management, equipment and food safety concerns. Melissa Barker, WSDA Organic Program Inspector alongside Carey Hunter and a farmer from Kirsop Farm will talk about their experiences with scaling up, mistakes they’ve made along the way, and answer any questions you have about the process. This workshop aims to unmask all the mystery of adding pastured poultry to your farming enterprise.
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