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Engaging With Your Market

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Engaging With Your Market

Costing for Diversified Vegetable Farms

  • Tanya Murray, Oregon Tilth
  • Workshop will walk participants through a hands-on costing exercise. Participants will be encouraged to bring records from their farm. Ideally participants will also bring laptops to use Excel based costing tool. It should also work to use worksheet but will require more math. Internal business decisions that can be made with cost information will be discussed.

From Tried and True to Brand New: Direct to Consumer Marketing Strategies

  • Alex Ekins and Amy Dolomont, Ace of Spades Farm; moderated by Laura Raymond, WSDA Regional Markets Team
  • Join in a creative discussion of making the most of your direct marketing efforts, whether it’s maximizing the opportunities to connect with consumers and build your business at farmers markets, considering ways a new Washington state brand might support your marketing efforts, or exploring cutting edge ways to use technology to connect with consumers.  

What Can the Dots Tell You?: Conducting a Rapid Market Assessment

  • Colette DePhelps, University of Idaho
  • Conducting a Rapid Market Assessment (RMA) is an efficient and inexpensive way for Farmers Markets to gather customer information and other information for improving their markets.  This session is for farmers, farmers market board members, market managers and others interested in learning how to conduct an RMA.  Actual data from two Moscow Farmers Market RMAs (2011 & 2018) will be used to illustrate RMA outcomes, show how RMAs can document changes in a market over time and how results can be used to understand the economic impact a market has on its community.  Session participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to move forward on planning a RMA for their Farmers Market.
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