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Kirkland TV: Currently Kirkland - #267 -Tilth Alliance Class at McAuliffe Park
Aug 17, 2017
Kirkland Television
Get a glimpse of our Companion Planting class at McAuliffe Park in Kirkland
Nine of America’s Largest Urban Farms
Jul 17, 2017
Did you know that urban agriculture accounts for 15-20% of the world's food supply? Read about Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands, one of the largest (co-operated by Tilth Alliance and Friends of RBUFW), and eight other interesting urban farms in the U.S.
Seattle kids to discover environmental decision-making, one garden at a time
Jul 17, 2017
Find out about the National Science Foundation grant recently awarded Tilth Alliance, University of Washington School of Education and Seattle Public Schools to research the best way to build and deliver school garden programs with a focus on low income children.
Learning gardens aim to grow student engagement in science
Jul 12, 2017
University of Washington College of Education News
How to become a green thumb gardener
Jun 14, 2017
North County Outlook
A nice endorsement of our Maritime Northwest Garden Guide and other resources and ideas about what it takes to be a successful gardener.
Farm Walks Begin May 22nd at Lenwood Farms
May 17, 2017
Washington Ag Network
A preview of our first Farm Walk of the season, for farmers by farmers, offered in partnership with WSU.
Join a CSA program to support local agriculture and get fresh produce
May 15, 2017
Greater Seattle on the Cheap
What is a CSA and why would you join? This article offers some basic info and links to the Tilth Alliance Puget Sound Fresh CSA map.
Record rainy season soaks Northwest grocery bills and gardens alike
May 02, 2017
Read about the the wettest spring to date on record and how it's affecting gardeners and farmers, including thoughts from Tilth Alliance educator Maren Neldam.
Find a farmers markets in Seattle or around Puget Sound
May 01, 2017
Greater Seattle on the Cheap
A handy guide to where to find a farmers market every day of the week in the Puget Sound region.
Where to find Puget Sound fresh, local and seasonal produce
May 01, 2017
Seattle on the Cheap
How can you find locally grown produce? This is an overview that leads right to our our online Farm Guide also known as Puget Sound Fresh.
As Local Food Movement Grows, Who's Policing the Produce?
Apr 30, 2017
Governing the States and Localities
Interesting look at the booming local food movement and government policy, highlighting Seattle and King County.
Farm, Pet and Ranch Customers Speak Up
Apr 28, 2017
Hardware Retailing
Read Kyong Soh's thoughts about hardware for small scale farmers; she's Tilth Alliances's farm business incubator manager.
Garden Hotline: Edible spring weeds
Apr 28, 2017
City Living
Learn tips about edible weeds in this article written one of Tilth Alliance's educators.
How to Grow a Lot of Food With a Little Space
Feb 13, 2017
Seattle Weekly
Info about growing food in the city, including a quote from a Tilth Alliance garden educator, as a preview to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.
20 Essential Books for Food-Minded Urbanists
Dec 14, 2016
New York City Food Policy Center
A nice endorsement of our book Your Farm in the City from the NYC Food Policy Center.
Understanding your soil: There's a world of wonder in your dirt
Nov 17, 2016
City Living
Seattle Tilth Garden Educator Sue Hartman is a guest columnist and writes about soil.
Organic apple grower inspired at tilth conference
Nov 16, 2016
Capitol Press
The Capitol Press reviews the Tilth Conference in Wenatchee.
Many Hands Pitch in for Monthly Community Dinner
Oct 16, 2016
Seattle Times
See this photo essay about Tilth's community dinner at Rainier Beach Community Center in October 2016.
Tilth Conference Focusing on Fruit
Sep 30, 2016
Washington Ag Network
A preview of the Tilth Alliance sustainable farming conference held in Wenatchee November 11-13th.
Tilth Conference Focusing on Fruit
Sep 30, 2016
Washington Ag Network
Washington Ag Network previewed the Tilth Conference.
Fall garden clippings: speakers to hear, books to read, colors to see
Sep 28, 2016
Seattle Times
Valerie Easton gives brief update of expansion of Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands in Seattle Times garden column.
Tilth Conference Nov 11-13
Sep 28, 2016
Empire Press
Growing Winter Cover Crops
Sep 23, 2016
Madison Park Times
Learn about why it's valuable to plant winter cover crops and how to plant them; written by Sue Hartman as a guest writer, from the Garden Hotline (a program managed by Seattle Tilth).
Tips and Tricks for how to Reduce Food Waste
Sep 16, 2016
Northwest Asian Weekly
Read about why food waste has become such an enormous problem and some simple steps we can all take to improve the situation; features an interview with Environmental Program Manager Chris Hoffer.
Bring beneficial insects into your garden
Aug 30, 2016
City Living
Information about beneficial bugs by Tilth Alliance Garden Educator Laura Matter who manages the Garden Hotline.
Gardening with Tim: Big event happening this weekend in Seattle
Jul 15, 2016
Q13 TV
$2.8M expansion starts at seven-acre urban farm in Rainier Beach
Jul 14, 2016
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce
Seattle embraces urban farming at ten acre Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands
Jun 17, 2016
Tips for creating your own home compost
Apr 20, 2016
King 5 -- New Day Northwest
Learn some tips about yard waste containers from our Master Composter program coordinator Justin Maltry.
Seattle Tilth edible plant sale can boost your backyard garden
Apr 14, 2016
Seattle Channel
This video takes the viewer on a tour of our March Edible Plant Sale - packed with action!
After mass die-offs and gloomy reports, new hope for bees in Seattle
Mar 30, 2016
Read about pollinators, including Seattle Tilth's work at Rainier Beach Urban Farm.
If There Are No New Farmers, Who Will Grow Our Food?
Jan 31, 2016
YES! magazine
Farmers are aging and not being replaced by new farmers. This great article by YES! Magazine includes interviews with Abukar and Amber from Seattle Tilth Farm Works and Andrea and Matthew from our staff, as well as other interesting ag programs that support new farmers in the US.
Seattle Tilth Plans Expansion of Rainier Beach Urban Farm
Jan 20, 2016
Read about what's ahead for this special urban farm.
The Top 6 Urban Farms Providing Seattle Chefs Fresh Produce Year Round
Nov 23, 2015
Foodable Web TV Network
Read about urban farms that supply restaurants with produce, highlighting our food hub Seattle Tilth Produce.
Seattle urban farm for homeless youth set to expand
Nov 10, 2015
KING 5 News
Michael Konopasek reports on Seattle Youth Garden Works for KING 5 News.
Make a Difference Day: Seattle Tilth Farm Works
Oct 23, 2015
King 5 TV
Learn about our training program for beginning farmers, immigrants and refugees, to develop new farm businesses.
Gardening with Tim: Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour
Jun 09, 2015
Q13 TV
Meet one set of hosts for this year's Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour.
Growing Trend
May 26, 2015
Real Change
Aaron Burkhalter of Real Change visits Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands.
Seattle Tilth Wins Environmental Catalyst in Green Globe Awards
Apr 21, 2015
King County
Seattle Tilth took home the top award for what it has done to increase access to locally grown, affordable food.
Seattle hopes education can help compost confusion
Mar 13, 2015
King 5 TV
Seeds of Change: Seattle Youth Garden Works on KCTS
Nov 24, 2014
KCTS Channel 9 TV
See this wonderful video about Seattle Youth Garden Works by Stacey Jenkins at KCTS.
Auburn Program Grows New Crop of Young Farmers
Nov 22, 2014
King 5 TV
Chris Sechrist of Windy Acre Farm, a Seattle Tilth Farm Works program participant, had a tragedy the week before Thanksgiving. See the story on King 5.
Seattle Tilth Reaches Out with Partnerships and More
Nov 21, 2014
Seattle Times
Read Val Easton's feature story in the Seattle Times providing an overview of Seattle Tilth in 2014.
Apples for a Cause
Oct 24, 2014
King 5 TV
Visit Rainier Beach Urban Farm with Tiny Tots during one of our kids education field trip. Then buy Farm to Table bagged apples at PCC and support this program!
Seattle Gardening Program Pairs East-African Seniors With At-Risk Youths
Aug 14, 2014
KPLU 88.5 FM
Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands is the focus of this radio story on KPLU (article and photos).
Seattle’s Urban Farms: Goats Included -- An inside look at some of the area's best urban farming
Aug 12, 2014
Seattle Weekly
Read about urban farms visited during our Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour in August.
Five Urban Farms Tackling the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Jul 31, 2014
Read about Seattle Youth Garden Works featured in this article about urban farms providing alternatives to the school-to-prison pipeline.
Seattle Tilth Wins Major Grant for Seattle Youth Garden Works
Jun 15, 2014
Seattle's Child
Last week, Seattle Tilth received a $76,000 Wells Fargo “Environmental Solutions for Communities" grant.
Rainier Beach Urban Farm
Apr 07, 2014
KCTS Channel 9 TV
Learn about Rainier Beach Urban Farm on KCTS tv.
Sustainability Segment: Stephanie Seliga-Soulseed and Brian Sellers Petersen
Mar 16, 2014
Stephanie Seliga-Soulseed and Brian Sellers Petersen, of the Just Garden Project’s, speak with Diane Horn of KEXP about their work!
Compost Days Builds Community, and New Gardens
Mar 14, 2014
The Seattle Times
Learn more about this year's Compost Days campaign!
CHS Pics | Volunteers Build Community Garden for Capitol Hill Seniors
Mar 13, 2014
Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
View some great photos of the new community garden project at Reunion Hill!
'Just Garden Project' Brings Community, Organic Produce to Residents
Mar 13, 2014
King 5 News
See coverage of the Just Garden Project in action at Reunion Hill!
Seattle Tilth Plants a New Garden on the Hill for Reunion House Seniors
Mar 11, 2014
The Capitol Hill Times
Check out this great article about Seattle Tilth and Just Garden Project's new community garden at Reunion Hill!
Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands on City Stream
Nov 07, 2013
The Seattle Channel
See Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands in action on the Seattle Channel's City Stream!
Taking Permaculture Classes
Oct 16, 2013
Q13 Fox News
Time for a Winter Cover Crop
Oct 09, 2013
Q13 Fox News
Check out this video explaining winter cover crops and why they are important to your garden with Q13 Fox News!
Prepping Your Garden for Next Year
Oct 02, 2013
Q13 Fox News
Prepare your garden for next year with Q13 Fox News!
How to save seeds from your plants
Sep 25, 2013
Q13 Fox News
See how to save seeds from your plants for next year's garden!
Growing Young Gardeners
Sep 19, 2013
O13 Fox News
See our youth garden programs in action on Q13 News!
Deconstructing Dinner: Eggs Episode
Sep 16, 2013
Deconstructing Dinner
See our Executive Director Andrea Dwyer in this interesting mini-documentary on eggs.
Urban Farms Grow Healthy Eaters
Sep 09, 2013
Seattle's Child
Enjoy this feature article about Seattle Tilth's children's garden and farm education programs in Seattle's Child!
Best Cities for Urban Gardening
Aug 25, 2013
Nerd Wallet
Seattle makes the cut -- according to Nerd Wallet -- and Seattle Tilth is cited as an influential!
On the Urban Farm
Jul 31, 2013
Seattle Magazine
Read Seattle Magazine's wonderful in-dept article about Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands! And be sure to click on the link and see the gorgeous photos.
The Frugal Gardener - Q13's Tim Joyce and Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour
Jul 11, 2013
Tim Joyce from Q13 previews our Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour.
How to get your summer garden started
Jun 25, 2013
King 5 TV
Learn some tips on growing food in containers with Seattle Tilth's Falaah Jones and King 5 TV's Christie Johnson.
Summer Camps (in the dirt) for Kids
Jun 20, 2013
Q13 TV
Take a peek at our children's garden programs with Tim Joyce from Q13 TV.
Seattle Voices with Eric Lieu and Andrea Dwyer
May 07, 2013
The Seattle Channel
Get to know Seattle Tilth's Executive Director, Andrea Dwyer, and hear about Seattle Tilth's work.
Someone You Should Know: Lisa Taylor
Mar 30, 2013
Parent Map
Seattle-based Urban Farm along with Community Grows 4,000 pounds on 1/4 Acre, Serves Those in Need
Jan 23, 2013
Read about Rainer Beach Urban Farm on Seedstock.
The Language of Farming: Seattle Tilth's Farm Incubator
Nov 15, 2012
Edible Seattle
Read Tara Austen Weaver's article about Seattle Tilth's farm incubator program.
Seattle Looks to Grow Urban Agriculture
Oct 25, 2012
Seattle Weekly
Read this article about the Seattle Food Action Plan where Seattle Tilth's Executive Director, Andrea Dwyer, is quoted at length.
An urban farm helps immigrants from East Africa settle in Seattle
Sep 01, 2012
Seattle Times
Community Kitchens NW on Evening Magazine
Feb 23, 2012
Evening Magazine, King5/TV
Enjoy this wonderful video about Community Kitchens NW!
Community Kitchens NW on King5/TV
Feb 15, 2012
See Leika Suzumura from CKNW in action on live tv!
Making Massaged Kale Salad on Q13 TV
Nov 01, 2011
Q13 TV
Lisa Taylor and her son Alwyn make Massaged Kale Salad with Kaci Aitchison on Q13 TV. It's a great recipe for very healthy, delicious salad and the kids enjoy helping!
Urban Farming on Seattle Channel's City Stream
Oct 06, 2011
City Stream on Seattle Channel
Enjoy this wonderful series of short videos about urban farming. Includes an interview with Lisa Taylor.
Seattle Youth Garden Works Video 2011
Oct 01, 2011
Lisa Taylor Talks About Harvesting with King5's Christie Johnson
Sep 09, 2011
King 5 TV
Sarah and Ciscoe Tour Tilth's Issaquah Garden for KING-5 TV
Oct 16, 2008
Our Issaquah garden coordinator shares some laughs with KING-5's Ciscoe Morris.
Chickens, Organic Farming All at Seattle Tilth
Aug 13, 2008
Chef Seattle
This online Chef Seattle article gives an inside look at a Seattle Tilth class on chickens.
Seattle Tilth Talks Chickens with KING-5 TV
Jul 09, 2008
See entertaining chicken footage and an interview with board member Willi Galloway.
More Seattleites Gardening - King 5 TV
Jun 03, 2008
King 5 TV
Lisa Taylor explains how people can save money by growing their own food as food prices go up in Seattle Tilth's Children's Garden.
Seattle Tilth "Climate Change Heroes"
Mar 12, 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Article by Ann Lappe in the Seattle PI
Composting with Ciscoe
Feb 17, 2007
King 5 TV "Gardening with Ciscoe"
Learn about making a mini food digester on Ciscoe's tv show!
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