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When Do You Have Workable Soil?
Cultivating saturated soil damages its structure, doing more harm than good.
Divide Perennials for Healthier Plants
Four simple steps to dividing a perennial vegetable like artichokes or rhubarb.
Tips for Better Indoor Starts
Late February marks the beginning of the sowing for spring and summer. Here are a few handy tips to get your seedlings off to a better start.
Planting Bare Root Trees & Shrubs
Find out about planting bare root trees and shrubs.
Trunk Flare for Bare Root Planting
Checking for Seed Viability
A seed packet often has more seed than we will use in one season in the garden. Learn how to determine if the seeds you have saved over the years are still good to grow.
Forcing Branches Indoors
Bring a little sunshine into your winter home by forcing branches into bloom or leaf. This is a fun project to share with your children!
Pruning Grapes
Don't let the mystery of pruning deter you from taking good care of your grape plants!
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