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Plant a Garden for Winter Bouquets and Wreaths
We are fortunate to have so many plants thrive here in the misty Pacific Northwest. Learn which plants to include in your garden that can also be used to make winter arrangements and wreaths that bring a breath of fresh air into your home this winter.
Planting for Habitat
Increase the beauty of your garden and build a natural management team by thinking of your garden as habitat and planting to encourage beneficial insects, birds, pollinators and bats.
Wintertime Walks
Recharge, breathe deep and visit a local garden or natural area for personal renewal in a northwest winter.
How to Make a Wreath
Make good use of all the lovely evergreens, colorful stems and plants with berries this winter and make a wreath to grace your front door. Wreaths make lovely gifts and holiday decorations and are easy to make at home.
Deciduous Tree Identification in the Winter
Have you ever wondered what that beautiful deciduous tree is in your neighborhood park? Learn how to identify slumbering winter trees by their seasonal features.
Horse Chestnut
Prunus serrula
UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Research
Song Sparrow Earth Sanctuary
Wirchhazel at Joseph A. Witt Winter Garden
Closeup of Witchhazel; shared photo
Western Red Cedar
For winter bouquets and wreaths
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