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Encourage Diversity by What You Plant
Diverse plantings feed the complex interactions taking place in a garden ecosystem.
Transplant Now by "Pricking Out"
A technique called "pricking out" consists of plucking seedlings out of sowing flats and potting them up. Here are some tips for success.
Start Cucurbits Under Cloches
Squash and other plants in the Cucurbitaceae family don't transplant well. But you can give them a good early start by planting them out under a cloche in late April.
Create Safe & Healthy Raised Vegetable Beds
Learn about safe choices for the materials you use when creating raied beds for your edible gardens.
Sow a Beautiful Mixed Salad for Late Spring Harvest
Salad greens do fabulously well in our Pacific Northwest climate. Get a taste of what your garden can offer you when you sow colorful garden greens.
Weeds - What Are They Good For?
Urban foraging can be a fun, rewarding and adventurous springtime activity. Many weeds have edible and medicinal value and deserve a second look, or picking!
Managing the Wily Cabbage Worm
Its a lovely spring day and you are sitting in your garden admiring your burgeoning broccoli plants. A little white butterfly flits by. Could this little darling be the voracious chomper that was secretly chewing on your brassicas as a caterpillar?!
Diverse Garden
Lambs Quarters
Pieris rapae caterpillar
Larvae of the Imported Cabbage Worm Butterfly
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