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Downtown Parks Drop-In Activities

These free drop-in activities are part of a series for our Downtown Parks Classes made possible by support from Seattle Parks and Recreation and the  Downtown Seattle Association. No registration is required for these activities — just show up!

Herbs for the Kitchen Garden

Get started with growing herbs on your patio, balcony or backyard. We will cover choosing containers and soil preparation, herbs, and ongoing maintenance to keep them healthy in the ground or in pots throughout the year. 

Get Ready for Fall & Winter Gardening

Mid-summer is the time to be planning and planting your gardens for a fall and winter harvest. We will cover preparing the soil, selecting seeds and starts for both fall harvests and over-wintering veggies, and ongoing maintenance to keep them healthy throughout the season. Come learn the best veggies to start now for a continual harvest through the end of the year.

Choosing the Right Home Composting System for You!

No matter if you live in an apartment, condo or house, you can compost food scraps at your residence, even with limited space. Discover which is the right system for you. From green cones, to hot and cold compost piles, to worm bins, there are a variety of choices to explore.  We’ll also have information on how compost is made from organisms breaking down organic matter and discuss yard waste compost versus food waste.

Water Conservation in Your Yard and Garden

Remember when the summer of 2015 delivered record heat and drought conditions which caused plant stress, increased water usage and crop failure in gardens across the region? This summer could continue that pattern of extreme temperatures. Be prepared this year by learning some techniques to conserve water and avoid increased water demand. Come learn about ways to reduce water evaporation from the soil, select drought tolerant varieties, and tricks about watering deeply and efficiently for a successful garden.

Summer Gardening in Containers

Want to grow your own food but don’t have the space, time or money to build garden beds? A sunny patio or front stoop is all you need to start your own edible container garden full of summer's bounty. It's not too late to grow veggies in containers this summer. Already harvested your containers? Learn how to refresh your pots to keep growing food into the fall! Come learn about the greens and root crops you can plant in August and what they need to grow and stay healthy throughout the season. We will be focusing on soil choices, container choices, and soil preparation.

Organic Pest Management in Your Garden

Improve your garden by learning how to attract beneficial insects and manage pests holistically. Now that your garden is growing all you have to do is sit back and watch, right?  But wait, who’s eating holes in your broccoli? Learn how to use plants to attract beneficial bugs that can pollinate your crops and eat damaging insects, as well as how to deal with the pesky pests who eat your veggies.

Protecting Fall and Winter Crops in the PNW

Now that you’ve taken on some mid-summer planting in your garden, how do you ensure that temperature fluctuations and weather shifts in the fall and winter months don’t impact your bounty? This activity will focus on maintenance tricks and easy to build infrastructure to keep your fall harvests and over-wintered veggies through the darker months.

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