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Volunteer Orientations

Attend a one hour session to hear about volunteer opportunities in all of our program areas and upcoming events.

Volunteers Cracking Up

Learn more about Tilth Alliance and how to get involved as a volunteer! If you are new to Tilth Alliance or have volunteered with us in the past, but want to learn about all of the ways that volunteers and interns support our work, attend an upcoming orientation.

If you are new to volunteering with Tilth Alliance, please complete a Volunteer/Intern Registration Form before attending an orientation or signing up to volunteer. Orientations are optional, so feel free to start volunteering any time. 

In January and February, Class Assistant Trainings will be held the same evenings as the Volunteer Orientations (immediately after the orientations end). Volunteers are welcome to sign up for the Volunteer Orientation, the Class Assistant Training, or both.

Upcoming Volunteer Orientations & Training Sessions


Contact or (206) 633-0451 ext. 119.

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