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Cooking & Nutrition Programs

Find out more about Community Kitchens Northwest.


Tilth Alliance's cooking and nutrition program offers opportunities unique to fit the needs and wants of the community it serves.

Community Meals

Spring Roll

Rainier Valley friends -- we will start up community dinners when construction at Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands is complete, hopefully in late 2017. Stay tuned!

 Guiding Principals

  • A community kitchen is any place where people gather to cook, eat and share food together
  • Scratch cooking, simple recipes easily translatable to home cooking
  • Participants are involved in meal planning and preparation
  • Provide opportunity for leadership among participants
  • Incorporate cooking skills and nutrition information in experiential learning environment
  • Wherever possible source local, seasonal and sustainably produced food
  • Meals built around seasonal produce
  • Proper food safety


Tilth Alliance's cooking and nutrition program began when Community Kitchens Northwest became a Tilth Alliance program in 2011. It started in 2007 as an all-volunteer group excited to cook and share food with our communities. Our model is inspired from by Fresh Choice Kitchens in Vancouver BC, as well as The Stop-In in Toronto.


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