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Tilth Alliance Produce Partner Farms & Producers

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Seattle, WA
Ayako & Family is led by jam maker Ayako Gordon in Seattle, Washington, distinctive for their rare Organic plum varieties sourced from Mair-Taki Farm in Eastern Washington. Ayako now produces over a dozen plum jam flavors with the introduction of seasonal flavors such as rhubarb, quince, and apricot. Welcome, grab a spoon and share in our experience of loving great food in the company of others.


Mabton, WA
The Alvarez Family Farm has been in the agriculture business for well over 30 years. In those same years much of the small, environmentally friendly family farms have morphed into large-scale agribusinesses, without regard on the adverse environmental effects. Being certified organic for over 20 years, sustainable agriculture is one thing that the Alvarez Family has embedded into their farming tradition. Biodiversity is something common in organic agriculture, but at Alvarez Organic Farms we heavily promote it. By specializing in over 200 varieties of peppers and 300 different varieties of vegetables, we built our own level.

Sultan, WA
Boldbrook Farm is a small family farm located in Snohomish County, WA. We produce vegetables, herbs, and plant starts using ecologically responsible farming methods. Our products are available to friends, neighbors and cherished customers through our Community Supported Agriculture Program and the Bellevue and Kirkland Farmers Markets.


We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, chemical free produce and we strive to make our farm a welcoming place for people to connect with their food and each other.


Seattle, WA
City Fruit promotes the cultivation of urban fruit in order to nourish people, build community and protect the climate. We help tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving fruit, promote the sharing of extra fruit, and work to protect urban fruit trees. Join us in reclaiming urban fruit!


City Grown Seattle Logo

Seattle, WA
City Grown Seattle is a distributed, urban vegetable farm with a mission to supply you with a full variety of ultra-local, ultra-delicious, sustainably grown produce in a way that works for your lifestyle. It is our primary goal to bring people closer to the source of their food.  We believe that with your help, we can grow food for our neighbors right here in our neighborhood.

Joseph's Grainery Logo

Colfax, WA
Joseph's Grainery is a family owned and operated business. Farming quality wheat, barley and lentils has been a family tradition for 5 generations now. Our family has farmed land outside of Colfax, Washington for over 70 years. The heritage of the land encompasses good stewardship and farming practices that ensure soil quality and longevity, as well as maintaining superior nutrient content in the whole grains and legumes we produce.

All of our whole grains, legumes, stone ground flours, kitchen ready mixes and cereals are non-GMO, Kosher certified and never treated with pesticides. From plow to package, all of our products are grown and milled with the highest level of care and responsibility. From Our Farm To Your Table.



Carnation, WA
Located in the heart of Washington's beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, Jubilee Biodynamic Farm has been providing the community with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat, free from pesticides and herbicides, for nearly 20 years. Jubilee's produce is available through its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription program, in which members of the public support the farm by committing to purchase shares of its produce for a season.

Kirsop Logo

Tumwater, WA
Located in southwest Olympia, Kirsop Farm is dedicated to providing affordable organic produce while preserving the agricultural heritage of the county. Your support of our farm enables us to continue to support others doing good work in our community. Kirsop Farm has long been involved with Garden Raised Bounty, South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust, and others.


Duvall, WA

Local Roots is a family-run vegetable farm in the Snoqualmie river valley, about 20 miles outside of Seattle. Wife and husband team Siri and Jason, along with a small crew of workers and apprentices, grow about ten acres of vegetables, which we sell at Seattle-area farmers markets, through our Community Supported Agriculture subscription program, and to many fine restaurants.

Lor FarmMai Lor

Kent, WA




Mountain Lodge Logo

Eatonville, WA
We are a farmstead creamery raising Nigerian Dwarf and La Mancha goats.  Cheese is our first love, and our farm’s main focus, though it’s only the beginning of our vision for Mountain Lodge Farm. We chose this work because we love the farming life and because we want to share it with people everywhere.


Mezza Luna Logo


Carnation, WA
Mezza Luna Farms was founded in 2012 by the husband and wife team of Ian “Farmer” Fels and Victoria Roos. We are kicking-off our sophomore season, gearing up to grow and provide organic produce directly to you via our CSA Program. We are strong supporters of sustainable agricultural practices and we believe people should be well traveled, not their food.



Seattle, WA
Mustard and Co. emphasizes quality local ingredients, and traditional techniques that preserve the mustard seed’s inherent, horseradish-like spiciness. We are a two man operation that pours our blood, sweat, and tears into making quality mustard right here in Seattle.


Enumclaw, WA

My farm is located under the open skies of the Enumclaw plateau and surrounded by grassy pastures. I enjoy each day, rain or shine, taking care of the plants and animals.

Although not certified organic, I follow organic practices.  The poultry feed I use is certified organic from Scratch and Peck Feeds and is soy-free. The chickens and ducks always have access to grass and are moved around the ten-acre pasture in their egg mobile. The grass gives the eggs and chicken meat a rich flavor and lots of healthy goodness.


Okanogan County, WA
We are six small farms working together, sharing resources, equipment, knowledge, expertise, marketing and sales. We have developed a close working relationship between the farms and farmers and our Co-op for the benefit of the consumers we serve. We believe that we have much more to offer our customers through these relationships than we ever did as individual farms and farmers.

Since 2006 we have forged strong connections with our markets and have developed a reputation for excellent quality fruit and produce as well as customer service and delivery.


Snohomish, WA

Established in 2011, One Leaf Farm grows a wide variety of vegetables on 8 acres outside of Snohomish, WA. Our produce is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. We build our soil’s fertility with cover crops, compost and by rotating our fields to allow for a fallow resting period. 

We control weeds with hand tools, use floating row cover to keep pests away and accept a certain amount of crop loss due to pests, disease, and bad weather.

From the beginning, One Leaf Farm’s mission has been to grow our business using environmentally and financially sustainable practices. Success to us means that we are an asset to our local economy, the health of our customers, and the health of our natural environment.


Olympia, WA
We make gourmet sauerkraut! Because it is filled with probiotic cultures, it is incredibly healthy and good for you. Everyone should eat kraut for better digestion and better health.


Sourcing for off-season Good Food Bags only

We have been committed to providing our customers with fresh and flavorful organic produce since 1982. Our passion for organic produce has helped us become the largest wholesaler of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs in the Pacific Northwest. Not only are we committed to organic produce, we are also committed to becoming ever more sustainable in our business practices, and we encourage similar methods throughout the trade.


Bow, WA
We are organic farmstead cheesemakers, which means we make cheese on our farm, from the fresh milk of our own herd. We are also artisan cheesemakers. This means our cheese receives the hands-on, detailed attention that only a quality-conscious, small-scale operator can provide. We make cheese year-round, and you can taste the seasonal variations in the cheese. Samish Bay Cheese is owned and operated by Suzanne and Roger Wechsler. We farm about 200 acres in the northwest corner of Skagit County, Washington.


Snohomish, WA
Skipley Farm is a fruit farm and Nursery. We grow hundreds of varieties to share and discover adaptability and resilience. Flavor and nutrition are #1! Skipley Farm is stewarded by Gil Schieber (25 year veteran gardener of Seattle Tilth/Good Shepherd Center Gardens in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood) is a high diversity organic fruit and vegetable farm and nursery. We are proud of the naturally endowed mineral content on eight acres of upland soil overlooking the Snohomish Valley.


SkyLight Farm Logo

Snohomish, WA
Skylight Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located in Snohomish, Washington.  We use sustainable, ecological, and biological practices, and take pride in growing the highest quality food for our community.  We grow a delicious and diverse mix of vegetables and some fruit, maintain a flock of pastured hens for eggs, and have a small herd of cattle.


Fall City, WA
Steel Wheel Farm, a small, first-generation family farm with a clear vision in mind: to operate a diversified farm focused on improving the nutrient quality and the way in which our food is grown, harvested distributed and consumed. As stewards of the Snoqualmie River Valley, we believe that high-quality food begins with the farmer. We grow only seasonal, farm fresh vegetables, fruits and proteins that are naturally raised and delivered directly to restaurants, farmers markets and our CSA customers.



Terrebonne Truck Patch

Duvall, WA








Seattle, WA
With 23 years of cooking experience, Kristi Brown-Wokoma, lovingly known as the Chef Goddess has worked her way from the "front of the house" to the "back", including creating a Seattle town favorite, That Brown Girl Catering, which is been transformed into That Brown Girl Cooks! (TBGC) TBGC is a foodie lifestyle company which includes: Interactive Cooking classes, Personal Chef services, Pop-up restaurant events and food products with its inaugural creation - Black Eye Pea Hummus.


Seattle, WA
True North is a family-owned and operated coffee roasting company based in Ballard, WA. Because we buy and roast beans frequently and in small batches, we can bring our business to smaller farms in unique and remote regions. Roasting within season means that our clients’ coffee has been harvested and processed recently, and that we always have rotating single origins.

True North's relationship with Seattle Youth Garden Works (SYGW) and Seattle Tilth began in 2010. Since then we have had the absolute pleasure of doing business with amazingly dedicated and organized individuals, providing coffee for SYGW’s one-of-a-kind iced coffee at the market.

Seattle, WA
Urban Bee Company produces local and sustainable honey bee goods and services. Located in Seattle, WA, we started in 2009 — after a year researching bees and colony collapse disorder — with two hives in a friend’s backyard. Since then we have grown to 16 carefully selected locations, including 5 community gardens comprising over 20 acres, an education program, and numerous collaborative partnerships.


Kent, WA
Our farm lies in the fertile Green River Valley, and we have been farming here for 16 years. We grow a wide variety of crops and harvest for nearly 10 months of the year. We grow vegetables and herbs, and we raise chickens for eggs and meat, and keep a small herd of Dexter cows. We sell at farmers markets, to select restaurants, and we operate a CSA program for families in South King County and Seattle. We grow over 100 varieties, but nothing like what you've had form the supermarket. We use less water and use slow-acting organic fertilizers and growing methods. The result is premium flavor and we believe, better health.

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