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Contact Us

Address and phone information, board and staff lists.

Office Location & Mailing Address:

Tilth Alliance
4649 Sunnyside Avenue N., Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98103
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone Numbers

(206) 633-0451 - Main phone line with staff directory
(206) 633-0451 ext. 119 - Registration & General info
(206) 633-0224 - Garden Hotline for your gardening questions
(206) 200-2933 - Good Food Bags
(206) 633-0450 - Fax

Wallingford Office and Gardens
Bradner Gardens Park
Rainier Beach Learning Garden
Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands


General questions -
Garden-related questions - The Garden Hotline
Volunteering -

To email staff members individually, send to:

Staff Members and Phone Extensions

Priyanka Anand, Youth Garden Program Coordinator, email

Tom Beck, Individual Giving and Informatics Manager, ext. 127

Isaac Bonnell, Farm Program Manager, ext. 123

Skye D'Aquila, Good Food Bags Manager

Dawn DeGere, Community Relations Coordinator, ext. 119

Sharon Fritz, Finance Administrator

Susan Gebretsadik, Youth Education Program Coordinator, email

Chris Hoffer, Environmental Programs Manager, ext. 108

Carlin Van Holmes, Events Coordinator

Laura Matter, Garden Hotline Program Manager, ext. 110

Selena Ligrano, Garden Hotline Educator

Kevin McAleese, Communications Manager, ext. 118

Maia McCoy, Good Food Bags Coordinator

Melissa McGinn, Garden Hotline Educator

Laura McGrath, Environmental Programs Coordinator, ext. 131

Julia Messmer, Bookkeeper

Erin Murphy, Statewide Education Coordinator

Maren Neldam, Children's Education Program Manager, ext. 109

Sharon Siehl, Garden Programs Director, ext. 117

Melissa Spear, Executive Director, ext. 104

Veralea Swayne,Education & Garden Coordinator, email

Carey Thornton, Adult Education Coordinator, ext. 115

Cassie Whitebread, MC/SS Program Coordinator, (206) 633-0097

Board of Directors

To email board members individually, email:

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